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The Wahls Protocol

This book changed my life. 

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My Story

  • MS History 

    13 December 2019

    Hi Kathy, Here it is. Dr. Wahls is a woman doctor who has MS and was in a wheelchair for several years.

    She created a diet to reinvigorate her brain health and was out of here chair in 4 months and by the end of her first year she had done a 19 mile bike ride.

    Love to you from us.

    16 March 2018

    To: Dr. Terry Wahls

    113 Wright Street

    Iowa City, IA 52246

    Multiple Sclerosis History and Report From Clifford Alan Miles,

    and the Results of Adopting the Wahl’s Protocol.

    Clifford Alan Miles

    429 S. 800 W.

    Orem, UT 84058


    D.O.B. 11-16-1959 (58 years old)

    5’7” inches tall

    Currently 144 pounds

  • Medical issues prior to MS diagnosis in November of 2016

    “Arthritis pain” in hands and feet

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Regular headaches

    Weight 163 pounds


    I received no treatment for the above issues. All of my epileptic seizures 

    were, in my sleep and they were manageable, taking only a few hours to

    recover. I have recorded 52 seizures since 2008. From my record of seizures

    I have listed the following to give you an idea of what IWASdealing with.

    #36-38 October 15th 2016. 3:20 am. Worst one to date. I woke up during

    the first one, which caused a terrible, terrible muscle cramps in my left calf.

    From my perspective I had three in a row and both times my left calf knotted

    up. Had to have been three in a row because after each one I was able grab

    my calf to try and get the muscle cramps to stop and then I couldn’t rub it

    during the next because I was all stiffed up.

    During this episode Natalie woke up and tried to hold me and help. She said

    I’ve got you. After it was over she helped rub out my calf, which gave me

    some relief.

    I don’t know how long the event lasted. At 6:30 I went up stairs to take

    some Advil for the muscle cramp pain. I still really hurt. I got a bowl of

    wheat cereal. I got into trouble because I couldn’t swallow it and started to

    choke on it. Fortunately I was able to cough it back out which caused me to

    throw up. It took several minutes before I was able to drink water. I feel that

    drinking the water reset my swallowing. I still have a lump in my throat. My

    left calf it still very sore at 7:25 am.

  • #39 6:48 am. November 1st. Short one with associated muscle cramps in

    calves and bum and right thigh. Natalie got to me, and helped me after it was

    over to rub things out. The alarm may have triggered this one.

    #40 November 3rd. Morning lying in bed awake and had a small seizure.

    #41 November 8th. 3:50 am. Normal, 10 seconds long. Cramps in Legs.

    Still feeling it at 10 am.(Learned today that my seizures are likely the

    result of MS.

    #42 November 11th. 5:20 am. 5 seconds long with a slight let up and then it

    re-intensified. Natalie witnessed this one and then helped rub out the Charlie

    horses in my legs.

    #43 November 16th. 7:05 am. Mild seizure, muscle cramp in left calf. This

    one occurred while I was hooked up to the EEG here at home.

    #44 December 2nd. Had two seizures during the night. One was dream

    related where I was having the seizure and could not move any part of my

    body for quite some time. The other occurred and I woke up from it. I am

    having trouble figuring out which one occurred first.

     Natalie and I went to the doctor on the 30th of December and we

    learned that I have more seizures than I am aware of. The evidence came

    from a 3 day EEG that was preformed in the middle of November. I went on

    Vimpat to try and control them. I took the single course of Vimpat and

  • stopped it because I was going on the Wahl’s protocol. I wanted to give the

    Wahl’s protocol a chance for success.

    I had no seizures while I was on Vimpat.

    We Started the Wahl’s Protocol on the 3rd of January 2017

    #45 6th January, I had two small seizures during the night. The first was at

    12:40 am and the second occurred at 1:50. The first left a small muscle

    cramp. I had no residual effects from the second.

    These are the first seizures that I have had since stopping the single course

    of Vimpat that I was taking.

    I am on the Wahl’s protocol at level one.

    #46 7th of January was at 4 am. No after effects. This was very short lasting

    maybe 5 seconds.

    No Seizures until late September 2017

    #47: 22 Sept 2017 very short upon waking from a nap. It bent me stiff and

    arched my back. Hurt.

  • #48& 49: 23 October 2017, 6:30 am. I had a normal seizure where I arched

    my back and was stiff for several seconds. Later I had another, which started

    while I was in the fetal position. This one froze me up solid. I was conscious

    and couldn’t move a muscle let alone breathe. I don’t know how long it

    lasted. I felt trapped it lasted long enough that I had time to wonder if it was

    ever going to let me go. This one scared me. I hope to never have another.

    Back story: I stayed up very late, two and half hours past very tired. I was

    stressed that Natalie had stayed up so late as well. I thought that she was

    doing genealogy indexing. She went to bed at 3:30 and I went to bed at 4:20.

    I was angry with myself for doing it because when I did go to bed I was very

    M-messy. I was twitching like a bug and couldn’t settle down. Later I

    learned that she was making the funeral program for a lady who had died in

    the ward. I determined that I will never do that again.

    I read your book twice. My wife Natalie adopted the protocol also. I have

    also placed a dozen copies with people I learned had MS or associated


    I have to tell you that growing up I came from a way of thinking that I could

    eat anything I wanted any time I wanted and there would be no


    I used to drink Coke to the extent that if I didn’t have a Coke in my hands at

    all times I wasn’t happy. I was drinking so much Coke that my kidneys

    ached. I stopped drinking it several times. The withdrawal headaches were

    terrible. I finally gave up all soda several years ago. This was my first

    lesson that how you ate mattered. I felt better. My weight gain slowed. I

    have never been really overweight.

  • I have had epilepsy since 2008. My epileptic seizures were getting closer

    together so I decided to get things check out.

    Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed in November of 2017.

    Right after my diagnoses some of the normal MS symptoms really started to

    manifest themselves.Balancewas my most pressing problem. My body

    refused to cooperate when walking. I had to use a cane in order to stay on

    my feet, and there were times I could hardly move my feet.

    I also hadweaknessin my legs, which would lead to collapse and I would

    head for the ground. I got past this by learning to throw my knees together

    which would keep me from falling. 

    I had paroxysmal symptoms, shooting pains in my butt, spasms which

    affected my hands, twitching which affected by face and hands. I had

    swallowing difficulties. I still slur my speech but it is much less often.

    I occasionally freeze up and can’t move for a few moments. I can’t talk


    There was a period when I was having 25+ paroxysmal seizures a day.

    These were different from my epilepsy. My epilepsy always happened in in

    bed. These were different in that they would throw me around and

    sometimes I would strike things. I was fully conscious during them and if

    anyone said anything I could hear it and remember what was said.

    Over time they reduced in number to one a week, 2 a month etc. All of that

    has gone away and I haven’t had one for that last 5 weeks.

  • I am not depressed about it because as you know everyone is either dealing

    with stuff or is going to be dealing with stuff. It’s a normal part of Life and

    MS is now My Stuff.

    After I started on your protocol Inevercheated. I wanted to be sure that I

    was doing everything by the book so to speak so that I would know for sure

    if it was working. It does!

    I deliberately cheated Christmas 2017 and the adverse effects for me were

    immediate. I ate sweets. Not a lot but enough to know that I had tripled your

    recommendations of 1 teaspoon per day. My“arthritis”came back in my

    hands and feet as well as myrestless leg syndrome. This is what prompted

    this letter, to let you know a direct cause and effect for me of simply

    increasing sugar. “I also ate a third of a orange roll with cream cheese

    frosting. I have no way of knowing what part this played. I experimented

    enough through Christmas to know that sugar is the root cause for those

    particular problems for me.

    Adopting the protocol has resulted in leading aPAIN FREE LIFE.

    I didn’t think it was possible. I was 57 and I attributed all of my pain

    issues to being that old. I was wrong.

    No more headaches. I am thrilled about this. I used to have them a lot.

    All of my seizures have decreased dramatically. 4 in 2017

  • I have had 3 in 2018, and stabbing pains in theLeftside of my butt. I

    attribute this to deliberate cheating over the holidays. It took a while to

    getrecalibrated. I am fully back on the protocol.

    I think that you should use the word re-calibrate your systems when you

    describe what you want people to achieve. Especially for men, it is a word

    that describes exactly what is happening by using the Wahl’s Protocol.

    I lost 23 pounds. It fell off me. I was at 138 at my lightest. My wife wanted

    some of it back on so I hover around 144.

    I am on a modified level one. I cannot eat 9 cups a day. It’s too much food. I

    shoot for 6 cups. Half of that are my smoothies. I make 10 cup smoothies

    and I add, nutritional yeast, kelp powder as well as vital reds, Maca powder

    and MCT oil at the insistence of my wife. I share them with my wife. Most

    are Kale based. Other times I use Bok-choy, Chinese cabbage and parsley as

    well as mixed greens.

    I am down to zero additional sugar. Dates are my sweetest food and I

    discovered I can only eat 5 dates a day or my restless legs returns


    I can’t get past organ meat. I eat sardines and smoked oysters. I eat meat but

    it is in moderate amounts. Most of that is chicken. Not much of it grass fed

    beef. I love bacon!

    Over time I have gravitated to eating bananas regularly, usually a small one

    in the morning to kill the overnight hunger pains. I recognize this is against

  • your recommendation. I have not noticed any direct adverse problems.

    Bananas are happy food.

    Most of the time I can think clearly. All of my Fuzzy brain went away after I

    started the protocol.

    I used to have stabbing pains in therightside of my Butt and this went


    I used to get colds about three times a year. I have hadZerosince starting

    the Wahl’s Protocol. I have been around a lot of family who have had


    I am not free of MS symptoms. I get bit by MS symptoms most often right

    after I eat. They are now less severe and easy to deal with. They include

    slurring of speech and stuttering. Feeling fatigued. I haven’t had any kind of

    seizure for 5 weeks. I am MS free for most of my day.

    My wife started the Wahl’s Protocol to help me and it helped her. All of her

    joint pain has gone away which was really severe. She has almost no

    headaches now. She used to get bronchitis every year and that has stopped.

    She also hasn’t had any colds while the rest of the family has.

    I tell people as often as I possibly can about leading aPain free lifeand this

    phrase gets everyone’s attention. I then tell them about your protocol. I have

    many people trying the Wahl’s Protocol for themselves and they are seeing

    results. One is a friend who has Parkinson’s. He told me he cheated over

    Christmas of last year and it really bit him hard and he is now back on the

    protocol feeling better.

  • Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You,

    for writing your book. It could use an improved index.

    I am happy. I am grateful that I got MS and found your Protocol. I feel good

    almost all the time now.

    Dr. Wahls you are free to use my information and story in any way you

    want. 


    Cliff Miles

    I had an Adverse Copaxone reaction and I include it for information

    purposes only for you. It was after this that I went on your protocol.

    (This is a letter I sent to the makers of Copaxone)

    My MS symptoms include poor gait and balance, slurred speech,

    intermittent difficulty swallowing, and general ache in my bum. I have some

    numbness in my feet. I understand that my epilepsy, that I have had since

    2008 is likely a secondary symptom.

  • Friday, December 16, 2016

    Gave myself the injection around 10:00 a.m. Over the course of the day I

    developed flu-like symptoms. Though I was feeling achy, I went to a church

    Christmas party at 6:00 p.m. Within an hour I developed chills and had my

    wife take me home. I immediately took a shower, which helped subside the

    chills. I got into bed and stayed there, using a blow dryer to keep warm. At

    this point we didn’t know whether I actually was getting the flu or if this

    was a reaction to the Copaxone. My wife, Natalie, looked up reactions to

    Copaxone and found similar reactions on an MS website. I was fine the next

    morning and was able to participate in the annual Christmas bird count.

    Monday, December 19, 2016

    I gave myself the Copaxone shot in the right hip around 10:00 a.m. and felt

    fine at the time of the shot. Later when I wanted to Christmas shop for

    Natalie, I wasn’t feeling up to it. I started to feel sick again and believed that

    this was another reaction to the Copaxone. I nicknamed it the Copaxone flu.

    I started to reread some of the literature and I circled the symptoms that I

    was feeling: minor injection site pain with itching, chills, ache all over and

    back pain, bad headache, blurry vision, and stupor.

    I went to bed. While in bed I got the chills again and took another hot

    shower, which helped quite a bit. After I got back into bed things really

    cascaded down-hill from there. I took a small drink of water, which proved

    to be a bad idea because I felt like I was going to vomit. I grabbed a small

    wastebasket to use and headed for the bathroom.

    Once in the bathroom I stayed there waiting. I felt the need to sit on the

    toilet. While there I continued to burp and spit into the garbage can. I got

    really nauseated, and I had an intense hot flash. My head was swimming and

    I thought I might fall to the floor. I also had the thought that I wasn’t going

    to have the opportunity to say goodbye to my wife.

  • Pain continued to increase to the point that I called Natalie at 1:51 p.m. at

    work and told her that she needed to come home to take me to the hospital. I

    then used my phone to call my daughter Vanessa at 1:54 p.m. to tell her that

    her mom was coming home to take me to the hospital. After I hung up from

    talking to Vanessa, the pain got so bad that I was literally writhing on the

    bed. I found myself screaming out loud. The agony was so intense that it

    exceeded the time when I got shot with a .44 magnum at the age of 16. For

    me this was an 11, which is now my new 10. Four minutes later I called

    Vanessa back to tell her to call 911. (She was upstairs with her new baby.)

    After some moments she crawled down stairs to tell me that she couldn’t get

    her phone to work, so I tossed her mine. (Vanessa has spina bifida and uses a

    wheelchair to get around.) She called 911 on my cell phone, and the operator

    kept her on the phone, asking her a number of questions, and telling her to

    stay on the phone until the paramedics got there. It took them 8 minutes

    according to the duration of the phone call record.

    The paramedic asked me a number of questions, and during this time I told

    him about how the pain exceeded my .44 magnum gunshot wound. (FYI, I

    get all my dental work done without shots or gas.) Sometime during the

    questioning the pain peaked. They asked me if I could walk up the stairs and

    I told them that I thought I could with help. They helped me out of bed and

    the blood pressure cuff fell off; they helped me up the stairs and put me on a

    gurney. The walk up the stairs actually helped my pain a little bit, though

    once on the gurney it continued to bite me.

    In the ambulance I continued to update them, and I knew that they would not

    give me anything for the pain until after I got to the hospital. My pain

    continued to subside as I was taken to the hospital, however I was still

    miserable as hell. I estimate that 15 minutes passed from the time the

    ambulance arrived and when we drove away. So from the time that the lower

    body pain started and when I left for the hospital 30 minutes elapsed.

    A second IV was inserted and two bags of fluid were administered. Because

    I had a fever tests were performed to rule out infection—urine, blood

    (twice), nose swabbed, chest X-ray. After about three hours I was released.


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