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Various Links and interesting sources

YouTube Links to Sources


This is a video link for the TR-3B

UFOS: The True Story of Flying Saucers, 1956

Why would our military make an extensive movie if this wasn’t all true.?

Mystery UFO's in Turkey

NASA’s Untold Extraterrestrial Encounter (Season 4)

(This is the one where we shoot at a UFO with a “particle beam” weapon.

This is as obvious as the nose on your face. You see the flash of the weapon and the targeted UFO, detects the flash and moves immediately out of the way. Ice particles don’t avoid flashes of lights.) 5:13 long.

No Propellers, and Yet It Flies!

(Here is a technology where the drone is flying without any moving parts.)

UFO Sighted Over San Juan, Mexico ( August 22, 2018 )

(This is extremely rare “Ball Lightening.” Notice how short the duration is. This is one of the things that debunker’s would use against those who have seen genuine UFO’s)

UFO Caught In Time-lapse | Uncovering Aliens

“This Is An Intelligently Guided Craft”

(Watch the very beginning and you can see the TR-3B flying between the 2 jets)

From Beyond UFO Sightings Part 1

Chronological history of some of the most important UFO photos in history. 
He has over 4,000 photos in his archive. 

From Beyond UFO Sightings Part 2

At 35:13 it shows the entire sequence and analysis of us shooting at a UFO.

The Gods Were Astronauts

(This is worth your time for past history)

Eyewitness account of a weird shape UFO/UAP

(This man seemed to understand the physics of what he was observing)

Did This Woman Really Travel Through Time?

Paranormal Files | Absolute Documentaries

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